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We exist to make sure you get the best deal for your train tickets.

What is Reroo?

Reroo is a mobile app to help train travellers save up to 55% on long-distance train tickets. (Yes, even on last-minute tickets). How do we do this wizardry? Re-routing; we find alternative indirect routes to show you the cheapest options available, as well as the most direct and fastest routes.

Why we’ve started Reroo

As students we were super-frustrated with forking out a small fortune to go visit family and friends in different cities in the UK. In an ideal world, we’d book tickets months in advance, but that’s almost never realistic. There must be a cheap and convenient way to get to your destination. Coaches are cheaper than trains, but long and uncomfortable. But what if there was a way to get trains that are cheap, but not as long as coaches? That would be a win-win.

When can I try it?

The app is ready, but will be available to download in a few months time, once we get industry accreditation (we will not bore you with the details). In the meantime, some users on the waiting list will be selected to test the final version of the app pre-launch.

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